Mint at the core

More than just an ingredient, Mint brings a sense of freshness to the body and mind.

The invigorating ritual of brushing one's teeth in the morning, the cool refreshing taste of gum after a meal and the indulgence in a mint chocolate chip ice cream to relax after a busy day; no wonder mint has become the top flavour choice for consumers' hygiene, health and wellness needs.

At DDS, our flavourists work with high quality natural mint oils, menthol and mint components to create signature products for our customers.

We invite you to explore our range of mint products and services designed to bring your customer’s needs closer to reality.

White Hills represents the coolest and purest form of menthol, bringing with it an assurance of unmatched quality and competitive pricing.

Its natural extraction process preserves its purity, to give perfectly dried, large-sized crystals that ensure easy-handling and longer shelf life.

DDS's guarantee of timely delivery at committed price contracts has made White Hills the preferred choice.